The legitimate daughter of the reborn family

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On the other side,heavy duty cantilever racks, Chen Guo's chasing haze also rushed over, without the slightest courtesy to rush up and Tang Rou two dozen one, that brother's situation is naturally more difficult.

Mu Ningfeng and Shangguanping's people do not give her dispatch, then her people, she also arranged. We can kill the enemy together anyway. Perhaps the two generals still do not trust her, this war, just give their own people to play, set up a prestige. Tuoba Su has been approaching the tower with the army. The two armies are against each other. Leng Tianyu transferred their artillery to the gate tower at this time. If the artillery was deployed when the enemy was approaching, the enemy would know that the situation was unfavorable to them and might retreat without a fight. Since you want to kill the other side by surprise, naturally you have to wait for the enemy to get close before you can show up. At the moment, those cannons were pointing at the army behind Tuoba Su. Tuoba Su was riding on a tall horse, and his armor was majestic. See Mu Ningfeng actually out of the city to fight, he was a little surprised, he thought Mu Ningfeng is either hang free card, or is dead close the gate not to fight, let them use artillery attack. At the time of the accident, some forts suddenly appeared on the tower, and the barrel was pointing straight at the army behind him. Tuoba Su's face changed in an instant. Isn't this a sneak attack? How many cannons are there in Tongzhou? He has already found out. Aren't those cannons all behind Mu Ningfeng? Where did so many forts come from? Then look at the tower above, do not know when more than a white fluttering peerless beauty. A touch of surprise passed through the depths of Tuoba Su's eyes. Nangong Linglong saw that the enemy was approaching and immediately ordered the artillery to fire. As soon as the artillery fire was fired, there was chaos. Those cannons fell in the army behind Tuoba Su, with a loud bang, instant dust flying, screaming again and again. Don't play by the cards! The thought only flashed through Tuoba Su's mind. Chapter 123 123 "Go on!"! It's fun to blow them all up! Nangong Linglong stood on the high tower, and her clear voice fluttered above the tower under her dark internal force, and everyone could hear it clearly. The soldiers on the tower, in addition to the artillery is her QinBing,shuttle rack system, but not really get along with, the other is the original soldiers of the city of Tongzhou, listening to her words, are sweating in the heart, the princess is probably to fight as a fight. However, her rogue method of not playing by the rules and just winning blew up the other side. The artillery kept bombing, Lan Yueguo army was blown upside down, even if the quick reaction, also toward the tower bombing,industrial racking systems, action is also slow a few steps, Mu Ningfeng and Shangguanping two people can't think of the two armies against each other, there is no war, Nangong Linglong was unexpectedly bombed on the tower, see the enemy was blown upside down, Tuoba Su face black like charcoal, Two people immediately ordered the army forward, kill the enemy! Vow to get back all the past losses. On the endless land of yellow sand, the scorching sun was in the sky, and thousands of rays of sunshine poured down from the sky, which made people's eyes hurt, but the soldiers could not feel the existence of the sunshine, and only cared about killing the enemy. On the battlefield, there is no room for distraction, and a little distraction will make you decapitated. The battle between Tongzhou City and Sifang City was unprecedentedly fierce. Even the generals went to battle in person. Except for the archers, who were not useful in this melee situation, all the others came in handy. Tuoba Su hated Nangong Linglong for not following the cards. He grabbed a bow and arrow with one hand, mobile racking systems ,push back racking system, took the bow and pulled the arrow, and aimed at Nangong Linglong. His archery is extremely accurate, and he is known as the Lord of Divine Arrows in Lanyue Kingdom. When Lan Yueguo came to attack the city, Tuoba Hao was also alarmed, because he was injured, although it was 7788, but Nangong Linglong would not let him go to the battlefield. Besides, two countries at war, one side is his people, one side is the enemy, but the enemy still has her. If he really went to the battlefield, he wanted to kill the people of Tianyun Dynasty, but that would expose the target ahead of time, he had not turned to Nangong Linglong and he worshipped heaven and earth. Kill their own people, even if it is a soldier, he can not do it, after all, is their own people. He has been following secretly, hiding in the dark and watching. When he saw Tuoba Su pulling the bow and arrow, his heart tightened. His cousin's archery was so accurate that he didn't want his cousin to hurt the fairy in his mind. When Tuoba Su shot an arrow, he immediately rushed out of the dark and wanted to block the arrow for Nangong Linglong. But he has not rushed to Nangong Linglong's side, Nangong Linglong has caught the tail of the arrow, the arrow crossed in front of her, did not hurt her half a minute. Tuoba Hao Leng Leng, since the cousin has the name of the magic arrow, it shows that he shot the arrow fast and accurate, every shot, no one can escape his arrow, this time Nangong Linglong dare not escape, but also boldly caught the tail of the arrow, the sharp eyes, the speed of action.. Hard to imagine. Tuoba Su looked at it from a distance and guessed that he had missed. His eyebrows sank and his lips pursed, but there was a sneer on his lips. Then he quickly took the arrow. This time he shot three arrows with one bow. This was his unique skill. The three arrows were still fast and accurate. There were not many people in the world who could shoot three arrows with one bow like him. Three arrows were shot at Nangong Linglong, Nangong Linglong only hands, even if she can catch the arrow, can only catch two, there is an arrow, can take her life. For the first time, Nangong Linglong saw a man with three arrows in one bow. Princess, be careful! "Be careful, Master of the Young Palace!" "Master, be careful!" Almost at the same time, her trusted followers cried out in a low voice, and then they saw several groups of figures jumping up to block the arrow for her, but Tuoba Su was known as the magic arrow, and his arrow was shot quickly, accurately and ruthlessly. Nangong Linglong had just caught his arrow, which was a fluke. How could her trusted followers block the three arrows? When they jumped up, the three arrows were about to stab Nangong Linglong. She flashed as fast as lightning, and managed to dodge two, and one, when a group of figures rushed up and hugged her tightly, and then there was a dull hum,warehousing storage solutions, and the man holding her was hit by an arrow in the back shoulder. Miss Tuoba! Leng Tianyu, who originally wanted to block the arrow for Nangong Linglong, could not help but cry out when he saw that the person who blocked the arrow for Nangong Linglong was Tuoba Hao.