Plump breasts and buttocks

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On the other side,heavy duty cantilever racks, Chen Guo's chasing haze also rushed over, without the slightest courtesy to rush up and Tang Rou two dozen one, that brother's situation is naturally more difficult.

They all have high steps, blue glass walls that go straight into the night sky, and big electric lights that turn in circles. God, there's no one here to sew. What's with all the lights? How much electricity is this going to waste? On the front door of the cinema, there is a huge poster. A woman's thighs thicker than a bucket are hidden in a gauze cheongsam. The muzzle of the pistol, which was thicker than the arm, spewed flames. Bloody and bejeweled. Women's flesh, bare breasts, breasts bigger than basketballs, women's eyelashes harder and thicker than shoe brush hair. When he usually sat in Geng Lianlian's car and passed the square, he didn't feel how big it was. Now, when the down-and-out Shangguan Childe walked on the square in the chilly spring, he felt that it was broad and boundless. The square was made of octagonal cement blocks, and it was quite difficult for him to cross three blocks in one step with his left foot in front, and it was very easy for him to cross three blocks in one step with his right foot in front. The pain in his foot was unbearable. Lifting his feet, he saw dozens of blood blisters as big as grapes on the soles of his feet, some of which had been worn out and transparent juice flowed out. The torn blood blister is painful. There are several pools of livestock excrement on the ground. He was so frightened that he was afraid that it was dog shit. He had reached the point where he was frightened to see a dog. There was a picture of a woman painted with colored chalk on the cement block. At first glance, she looked familiar, but the more she looked,mobile racking systems, the more unfamiliar she became. A gust of wind blew over, and several white plastic bags rolled with the wind. In spite of the pain in his feet, he rushed to catch one and chased the other. Step by step, he chased the plastic bag to the edge of the square. The plastic bag was hanging on the Holly tree by the roadside. He plonked himself down. He sat down in spite of the cold air piercing his anus. He wrapped a plastic bag around his feet. Only then did he find that there were many plastic bags hanging on the branches of Holly. He was ecstatic, picking them up one by one and wrapping them around his feet one by one. Until you wrap your feet like two bear paws. When he stood up and walked, his feet were soft and comfortable, and the pain was so sharp that he was moved to tremble. His feet clattered,cantilever racking system, and the sound went far. On the north bank of the Jiaolong River came the loud noise of the pile driver, and the place under our feet was renamed Osmanthus District. This is the deepest time for people in the Osmanthus District to sleep. Only in the southeast, the most luxurious osmanthus mansion newly built in the city, there were some windows with twinkling lights, like rooms in the sky, and the rest of the place was dark. He finally decided to go back to the front of the tower, to his mother's side, saying that he would never leave. If he was a wimp, he would be a wimp. If he was useless, he would be useless. He could not eat ostrich eggs or take a sauna with his mother, but he would never fall into the pitiful situation of running naked in the street. There are many shops on the street. He should not have suddenly seen a glorious window at such a time. In the window stood six fashion models, three men and three women. Clothes are cut from the rosy clouds in the sky, and women are carved from ivory. The blonde or black hair, Teardrop Pallet Racking ,heavy duty cantilever racks, the smooth and intelligent forehead, the high bridge of the nose, the curved eyelashes, the affectionate eyes, the warm red lips, and of course, the most fascinating thing is the high breasts of the female model. As he watched, he felt that the female models were alive, and the sweet smell of their breasts seeped through the glass, warming his heart. His forehead touched the cold glass, which made him wake up for a moment. He was afraid that his madness would be out of control, so he took advantage of his short sobriety to escape quickly. He forced himself to run away, but after running around, he unconsciously turned back to the original place. He raised his hands and prayed to the dim stars in the sky, "God, let me touch them, let me touch them, and I will ask for nothing in this life.". He threw himself violently at the female models, and for a moment he felt the glass break silently. Before his hand touched their breasts, they were fluttering around. His hand rested on a hard breast. A terrible feeling flashed through his mind: "My God, no nipples!"! A stream of hot, salty liquid flowed into his eyes and mouth. He felt his body sinking into a bottomless abyss. Chapter 51 In the late 1980s, the Cultural Relics Management Office under the Municipal Cultural Bureau wanted to turn the highland where the ancient pagoda was located into a large amusement park. Director Wen Guan led a red bulldozer and more than a dozen security guards with sticks temporarily hired from the security team, as well as notaries from the city notary office, reporters from the city television station, and reporters from the city daily. A group of people surrounded the houses in front of the tower. Director Wen Guan read the verdict of the city court to Shangguan's mother and son: After careful investigation, the house in front of the pagoda is the public property of the former Gaomi Northeast Township, not the private property of Shangguan Lu and his son Shangguan Jintong. The original house property of Shangguan Lu's family has been sold at a price, and the money has been collected by his relative Parrot Han Dai. It is illegal for Shangguan Lu's mother and son to occupy the public house in front of the pagoda. They are limited to move within six hours after receiving this notice. If they are delayed, they will be punished for obstructing public affairs and occupying public property. Shangguan Lu, do you understand? Director Wen Guan asked menacingly. As steady as a rock, Shangguan Lushi sat on the Kang and said, "Let your tractor run over me." "Shangguan Jintong," said Director Wen Guan, "your mother is very confused. Please advise her that those who know the times are outstanding. If she confronts the government, she will come to no good end." Shangguan Jintong, who was sent to a mental hospital for three years because he hit his head against the glass and destroyed the model, shook his head in a wooden way. There was a bright scar on his forehead, and his eyes were dull and stupid. As soon as Director Wen Guan lifted the mobile phone in his hand, he knelt down with a splash, covering his head and wailing: "Don't call me.." Don't shock me.. I'm mentally ill.. I'm mentally ill. Director Wen Guan looked at the notary awkwardly and said, "The old one is old and confused, and the young one is mentally ill. What should I do?" Notary said: "There are audio and video recordings as evidence,heavy duty rack manufacturers, enforce it!" " As soon as Wen Guan waved his hand, more than a dozen security guards swarmed in and forcibly dragged Shangguan Lushi and Shangguan Jintong out of the house. Shangguan Lushi shook his white hair and struggled like an old lion. But Shangguan Jintong just begged for mercy: "Don't call me.." Don't shock me. I'm mentally ill. Shangguan Lu struggled to climb to the thatched cottages, and the security guards tied her hands and feet. She was foaming at the mouth with anger and fainted.