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On the other side,heavy duty cantilever racks, Chen Guo's chasing haze also rushed over, without the slightest courtesy to rush up and Tang Rou two dozen one, that brother's situation is naturally more difficult.

The three of them did not have this idea, but there was a broken pot below. I have lost my face, but I still want to drag a few cushions. This shot, Chen Guo and the three of them immediately are also some panic. Compared with Su Mucheng and other professional players, their jumping skills are much more immature. In the absence of any obstruction, they all danced conscientiously. As soon as the bullet flew up, it had to hide and jump, and all of a sudden it was still in danger. Card "a ring.". The audience was not satisfied with ordinary shooting, but also came to a sharpshooter skill "Barrett Sniper" used by Zhou Zekai in the last race. The bullet was loaded, and then there was a "bang". This shot was aimed at Chen Guo, who had been playing for so long that she did not know the power of the "Barrett Sniper". The shot came, and with her level, it was impossible to immediately judge whether the bullet was flying accurately or not. In desperation, she had to hide. But there was no room for this small pedal, and the only way to hide was to jump on the other pedal. Barrett sniping which will leave people so much time to ponder, Chen Guo almost saw the gun fire toward her immediately hastily chose a pedal to jump. Bullets whistled past, but did not hide in the haze, but this hasty jump, but failed to step on the pedal, the haze slipped under his feet, and his body fell askew. Chen Guo hurriedly fired in the air,asrs warehouse, but wanted to use the cannon to let the haze fall on a pedal again. But at her level, to achieve this depends not on judgment and technology, but on pure ignorance. It was a pity that she was not in the middle of it. The cannon flew out, but the haze fell on some pedals, but it did not fall steadily. Finally, she bounced back and forth, and fell straight on her back to the bottom. Chen Guo was furious. If everyone is competing, it's okay to be blown down by such means. After all,wire mesh decking, this is the rule of the game. But the following player, everyone has seen that his technology is not up to standard, and it is impossible to play this game at all. It can be said that it has withdrawn from the competition early. As a result, this guy is harmful to others and not beneficial to himself. He can't jump up, and he has to make trouble for others. This is really a bit ungraceful. Falling to the ground, the haze rolled to the ground together, and directly raised the heavy machine gun to fire at the sharpshooter in the air. As if he had found something to play with, he was very happy to start fighting with Chen Guo. In this high jump competition, the two spectators actually PK on the flat ground, which is the first time since this activity was invented. The audience was a little dumbfounded at first, but soon thought of the super strength that the haze showed on the video, and suddenly found that it would be a good show. After someone took the lead, they all applauded. The sharpshooter player is wrong, but also when he shot down a person's behavior to win applause, drive in racking system ,warehouse storage racks, he is also elated, playing more vigorously. In this flat fight, the sharpshooter's level is not as bad as his jumping skills. After the two men shot each other, Chen Guo did not have the assurance to win. The audience watched for a while, but they did not see the expected strength from the haze, and they were all at a loss. Chasing the haze was a pinch hitter that day. In fact, there are many people who know about this. For example, the players who watched the game from the tenth district all knew that the behind-the-scenes manipulator of the haze was Jun Moxiao. However, this situation has not been widely spread, resulting in most people watching the video do not know this situation. On the ground, the two men had a lively fight. At the top of the sky, the four professional players also killed one after another. In the middle, there were two audience players. At this time, one of them did not pay much attention to it and continued to jump up seriously, while Tang Rou's role had already stopped. After seeing Chen Guo and this person playing equally, he immediately did not hesitate any more. He stepped out of the springboard directly and jumped straight down. There was an exclamation in the audience. Tang Rou is very calm. Just jumping around like this, she is really not hot enough, but if only in terms of PK, she still has a little confidence in herself. The sharpshooter was still shooting with Chen Guo, not knowing that the disaster had fallen from the sky. Tang Rou, who was flying down, poked a spear directly in midair. The fellow who was shooting vigorously stumbled at once when he was hit by the spear. Tang Rou's character did not take any measures to fall directly to the ground, the height was too high, and half of her life fell. At that time, the flying cannon was always bumping into each other. Although it did not fall steadily once, it also defused all the impact damage of falling from high altitude. When it finally landed, it was all right. The sharpshooter player staggered back to the perspective and saw that Tang Rou's character had lost half of his life. He laughed and said that he was a rookie. He knew that there was a big beauty behind the role, so he flirted with her smartly: "Beauty, does it hurt?"? Do you want me to give you a hand? The second day's activities focus on interaction, but unlike the regular competition, voice is not allowed, and the players can speak and communicate. When the character falls from a high altitude, in addition to losing his life, he will fall out of a stiff state depending on the height. This is a detail that Tang Rou does not know, and no one has told her yet. She was about to do it, but she found herself in a rigid state where she could not move. This is to give the other side a good opportunity to fight back, the result is that the player is not only not quick to start, but also in that glib tease. By the time he had finished speaking, the stiffness had passed. Tang Rou immediately manipulated the character to poke the dragon's teeth. This full-level combat mage skill is very complete, but Tang Rou has only personally come into contact with those below level 40, and those high-level skills are still very unfamiliar and will not be used. When she added points before, all the skills she used were filled up by her, and the rich skill points were used indiscriminately. At this time, Tang Rou was very serious about the battle, so she did not want to test the high-level skills that she had not used. Just pick up what you're familiar with. In terms of this PK battle, Tang Rou is already far above the ordinary players. Sharpshooter players were immediately flat all over the ground looking for claws, where there is half the mood to molest the beauty. On the other side,heavy duty cantilever racks, Chen Guo's chasing haze also rushed over, without the slightest courtesy to rush up and Tang Rou two dozen one, that brother's situation is naturally more difficult. jracking.com