Peerless Tangmen

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The appearance of the light exposed the location where Ye Feng was hiding. Discovering that Ye Feng was hiding in the ceiling, Chen Nanzhu's eyes burst out with a cold light. Ye Feng! Chen Nanzhu shouted in a deep voice. Her palm slowly touched the petal-shaped weapon on her waist, a

Huo Yuhao constantly through the spirit of detection to observe the front, while looking at the height of the wrist to detect the soul guide, more than three thousand meters, is a safer height, the premise is not to be found. This reconnaissance mission, there are several key points will be more dangerous, relatively speaking, close to the time is the safest, because in the process of approaching, closed the flying soul guide, Huo Yuhao with the simulation of soul skills can almost make their own body does not produce any soul fluctuations, body surface temperature is also under the assistance of star anise black wheatgrass, control and air exactly the same. Unless it is a wave probe Horcrux, no other probe Horcrux can find his trace. The wave detection Horcrux has always been the closest of all the detection Horcruxes. It is impossible to detect the air above 3000 meters. Relatively speaking, there are two most dangerous periods of time, one is when Huo Yuhao releases his spirit to detect near the Horcrux of Death, and the other is when he retreats. When he retreats, he will need a driving force again, which can only be released by releasing the soul power. Simulating soul skills can not completely eliminate all the fluctuations of his soul power, but can only cover up as much as possible. Huo Yuhao is not sure whether the soul detector of the Moon Empire can find itself. After all, so far, there has been no investigation into the deployment of the Horcruxes deployed by the Moon Empire in the Mingdou Mountains. Closer and closer, Huo Yuhao's height is also declining, from five kilometers to four kilometers, the pressure is reduced at the same time, the faint light on the ground has been able to see. At this time, the Xingluo Empire, in order to cover his reconnaissance,Ozone generator ceramic plate, has begun to test the surname attack. You can faintly see a group of light constantly exploding in the direction of the Mingdou Mountains. These lights also virtually helped Huo Yuhao to locate the Mingdou Mountains, so that he could more accurately find the goal of his trip. With the strength of Huo Yuhao's current level of soul saint, even if it is a twin Wuhun, the soul power is full enough, in the air above 3000 meters, it is difficult to fly without the help of the power of the flying soul guide. So he is very careful in the control of the butterfly wing flying soul guide. In the process of taxiing, he constantly uses the airflow in the air to maintain his height in the air as much as possible. Finally, when he saw that the height detector on his wrist showed about 3,600 meters, the towering peaks in the distance had entered his field of vision. Within the range of mental detection, to be precise. That's about the distance. Huo Yuhao through the observation of the eyes, a simple estimate, he is currently about eight kilometers to ten kilometers away from the peak of the Mingdou Mountains. Seven kilometers of one-way detection is not his, ten kilometers is. However, Ceramic Band Heater ,alumina c799, this is high altitude, and it will be somewhat different from the ground, so he estimates as conservatively as possible. The outer edge of the butterfly wing behind him bends to better withstand the air flow. Huo Yuhao controls his body and hovers in midair as much as possible. On the forehead, the eyes of fate slowly opened under the drive of spiritual power, and the clear rose-golden light flickered slightly. Behind Huo Yuhao, a huge vertical eye also appeared. If you want to improve the effect of spiritual detection to the extreme, you must have the help of the eye of fate. Without any delay, Huo Yuhao's first and second soul rings lit up at the same time. Under the influence of the simulated soul skill, all the light he released was assimilated with the surrounding environment, just like a mass of air that would produce soul power fluctuations and spiritual fluctuations. Strong mental force pierced the sky, like an invisible beam of light, straight to the peak of the Mingdou Mountains to release the past. According to the previous understanding of the Soul Guide of Death, the effective supply distance of the Soul Guide of Death is about 5000 meters. Just outside Huo Yuhao's detection range, as long as the detection can be completed in front of this range, then, even if it is found on the way back, there will not be too much danger. After all, with Huo Yuhao's speed, even if the title of Douro strong from the Ming Dou Mountains to start chasing, it will take some time to catch up, and at that time, he has returned to the area controlled by Xingluo Di Fang, naturally someone will meet him. However, only a moment later, Huo Yuhao's face became dignified. Because he was surprised to find that when his mental detection approached within about 1000 meters of the highest peak of the Mingdou Mountains, it hit an invisible barrier and then collapsed. The barrier trembled slightly. This is not a soul barrier or a soul shield, but a real spiritual barrier! What a powerful mental power, is this, is this produced by the Horcrux? Huo Yuhao was surprised. Although in the Horcrux, there is also the existence of increased mental power, but after all, it is extremely rare. Moreover, the effect of the increase is very limited. Otherwise, Huo Yuhao himself would have been equipped. Although his mental strength did not penetrate the past just now, he could clearly feel that the huge mental barrier even covered the highest peak of the Mingdou Mountains, without any dead angle. That is to say, if you want to detect the situation inside, you must first break through this mental barrier. As for the artificial release of such a powerful spiritual barrier, Huo Yuhao did not even think about it. The strength of this spiritual barrier is very high, at least equivalent to the defense released by the ordinary eight-ring Contra level spiritual master. More importantly, the area it covers is too large. How much mental energy does it take to maintain it! Among Huo Yuhao's known strong people who are good at spiritual abilities, only the second evil eye tyrant in the top ten fierce beasts is likely to have such terrible spiritual strength. But no matter how strong the Empire of the Moon is, it is impossible to invite that one over. Therefore, judging from this situation, the only thing that can protect the mountain is the spiritual defense soul guide. The Yueyue Empire's accomplishments in the Horcrux have reached such a level! Although Huo Yuhao had a high estimate of them before, he was still shocked at this time. Just then,7g Ozone Generator, suddenly, he saw a flash of light on the towering peak. It was something like a steeple. Although the distance is very far, it can still be seen clearly.