World of Gods and Demons in Online Games

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The appearance of the light exposed the location where Ye Feng was hiding. Discovering that Ye Feng was hiding in the ceiling, Chen Nanzhu's eyes burst out with a cold light. Ye Feng! Chen Nanzhu shouted in a deep voice. Her palm slowly touched the petal-shaped weapon on her waist, a

"Ding.." With another sound, the system continues to nag: "Special note, this task is a time-limited task. If you can't complete it within the task period, or the final task fails, you will be punished by experience deduction of 30 and gold deduction of 30." “……” Yan Zhengyang is entangled with the experience of deducting 30? I said, more than I do a main task award, gold coins 30 Yan Zhengyang is indifferent. A little thought, the punishment is so exaggerated, the reward must be very rich, then! Accept. I'd like to see how difficult your task is. I hope your reward is as sharp as your punishment. Yan Zhengyang said with a smile, just finished, the new task took the initiative to show in front of Yan Zhengyang. [Rescue Chrissy]: Mission Level: Level 15, Mission Mode: Single Stealth Mission, Mission Sent by: Blacksmith Partner Nissan, Mission Accepted by: Player Purple Wind, Mission Content: Chrissy is hijacked by the Black Skull Sect hiding in the ancient tomb outside the south gate of the Worm City. Nissan entrusts you to rescue Chrissy. The rescue time is 24 hours, and the countdown begins 10 minutes after accepting the task. Mission Reward: Thanks from Nissan. Task Failure Penalty: Deduct 30 of current level experience and 30 of gold. Task prompt: Tomb coordinates: XXX, YYY. Shout Skeleton, open the door and it will open. "" After Yan Zhengyang accepted the task, he looked at Nissan, who was also wearing gray coarse cloth clothes, with a frightened face. The joke of the system was too big. Thank you,10g Ozone Generator, Nissan? No matter how this guy looks, he doesn't look like a rich man? As for the secret books of martial arts handed down from ancestors in martial arts novels, it seems impossible. Well, it may be nonsense this time. Nissan, how will you thank me if I get your wife back? Yan Zhengyang finally asked out, for others to do things, always want to get a return, even if the chivalrous warrior, but also to eat is not? "Don't worry,ceramic welding tape, my Lord. If you can get Chris back, I'll thank you very much." Nissan folded his fists with the look on his face that you believe me. Wooden nod, Yan Zhengyang also did not say what, do the task. So, in the tearful farewell of Nissan and Simu's mother-in-law, Yan Zhengyang got up, and time was pressing. Yan Zhengyang is going to finish the task in an hour at most, but he doesn't have so much time to waste. Rumble, rumble, rumble. Just walked to the middle of the city, Yan Zhengyang suddenly heard a roar in the air, then, the earth began to shake, roadside pedestrians have fallen to the ground, pull out the doomsday, Ceramic ferrule for stud welding ,ceramic bobbin heater, Yan Zhengyang strong self-stabilization body, ", in reality, earthquakes continue, there are earthquakes in this game?" Yan Zhengyang secretly scolded. The shaking stopped after another three seconds. People asked each other, not knowing what was going on. Some people had already started asking about fantasy, while other good people went to the forum and rushed to post. The official game forum has thousands of posts about things in the game every day. Purple wind, purple wind, did you feel the vibration just now? When the message rings, it is connected. It's Wolf Soul. When I opened the friend column, I saw that Wolf Soul, Ya Zai, Shen Yan, and Mie Shen were all on the line. Well, I feel it. It's really strange. There are earthquakes in the game. Yan Zhengyang replied with a smile. Yan Zhengyang's answer stunned the wolf soul on the opposite side, "Earthquake?" Hey, Purple Wind, didn't you get the message from Moerluo? The wolf asked curiously. Yan Zhengyang should have received it, so how could he think it was an earthquake? "Huh?" Yan Zhengyang was stunned for a second and then understood that it was not an earthquake just now, but the sound of the opening of the Red Devil Tower just now. Oh, I remember. Where are you now? Let's gather at the gate of the castellan's mansion. "Well, we are going there now. Oh, what a coincidence. We just went online and saw the message of Moerluo." The Wolf Soul said with a smile, and after a few words of nagging, they closed the message. When Yan Zhengyang arrived at the castellan mansion, several Wolf Souls also arrived and entered the castellan mansion together. Mo'erluo was already waiting for them. According to Mo'erluo's words, he was sent back from the Red Devil Tower on a special trip to send a pass to Yan Zhengyang. Five pass tokens printed with the heart of the Red Tower were in the hands of Yan Zhengyang and Wolf Soul. It was not so much a pass token as a space transmission card of the Red Devil Tower. It was estimated that it was done in order not to let players know exactly where the heart of the Red Tower was located. I don't know what their intentions were, but it doesn't matter. Yan Zhengyang didn't care. It seems that there are really busy things, and Yan Zhengyang several people said hello, Mo Erluo opened his pass token to send away. Wolf Soul, you go to the Red Devil Tower to play first. I'll do a task first. I'll come right away. Yan Zhengyang said to the Wolf Soul. Zifeng wants to do a task alone? This message is now more tempting than the Red Devil Tower. "Purple Wind, you said you were going to do a task?"? What mission? God asked curiously, purple wind is now almost always with them every day, how can suddenly come up with a task, purple wind concerned about the task, it must be unusual. So, Yan Zhengyang just bored to do the task of the daily task, and then activate the single secret task to tell a few people, listen to a few people eyes stare, is not it, the game is too partial, so once, to the purple wind and dropped a hidden task? One person was not surprised. It was Ya Zai. Then he heard Ya Zai say softly: "I have seen this task on the forum. For the people who do daily tasks every day in the city of insects, this task is not unusual. Many people have met this task, but none of them have completed it. Up to now, no one dares to take this task any more. If they receive it, they will give it up directly." This is a mission, and now it's a dead mission. "Huh?" After listening to Ya Zai's words, everyone was stunned again, dead task? Dead quests: a general term used by players to refer to quests that are taken but cannot be completed. Others say that taking a dead quest,Kamado bbq grill, or that the quest is a dead knot that cannot be untied. There are many different explanations, but they all have the same meaning in the end, and this task is very difficult to accomplish. Chapter 106: The Black Skull Chapter 106: Black Skull.