Legend of the war clan

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When the old man saw that Huang Xiaolong was polite and well-mannered, half of his nameless anger had disappeared, he said,endless swimming pool, "Who can trust you?" Without thinking about it, Huang Xiaolong answered casually, "The younger generation just came out of the

However, it floated up, whirled in the air, and the scabbard walked with it, without the slightest delay and setback. The moves had been transformed very naturally, and the scabbard slanted. Press down, draw an arc in the void, straight to Yan Gaozhao's chest, the move seems slow, but it makes people feel flawless. Like that arc, it is not caused by human vision, but really exists in the void. This is the most abstruse style in the "Four Styles of Breaking Ao": Ao Vicissitudes of Life! Fan Li, however, relied on his amazing understanding of kendo. It combines the "Xuan Zi Jian Jue" of Qingcheng Sword School with the "Po Ao Jian Fa", and integrates the "vertical and horizontal anger" with the "Ao vicissitudes of life", such as Like flowing clouds and flowing water, the two swords, which are quite different in meaning, merge into one in a very unique way at this time. Add countless killing opportunities. As soon as Fan Li hated the sword style, there was a great feeling in his heart. His mind flashed, and he named the sword style "Zongheng". Ao vicissitudes of life! In Yan Gaozhao's feeling, as if there were two kendo masters attacking him at the same time with great power, and "they" They cooperated very closely with each other, and the second swordsman shot at the moment when the first swordsman's attack was over, and at this time just The good thing is that in order to deal with the first person, his strength faded and he could not continue for a while! The higher the martial arts, the shorter the interval between the two moves, and the smaller the opportunity for the opponent to take advantage of it. Fan Li hate with "spin word sword formula" will be two strokes blend, before and after the gap between the two strokes is almost no, so, Yan Gaozhao No matter how fast "Yanmen Kuaijian" is, there will be signs that the new force will not continue for a short time. Like two square stones, even though the fit is very tight, even a very thin blade can not be inserted,outdoor whirlpool tub, but the water drops are still the same. It can infiltrate. Fan Li, however, filled the gap between the "square stones" with the "rotating sword formula", and even the water drops were difficult to penetrate. Stunned, Yan Gaozhao involuntarily withdrew two steps! Although only two steps back, but let Fan Li hate confidence. The body shape has not fallen to the ground, the sword move is nearly not exhausted, Fan Li hate to do the same, "proud vicissitudes of life" and "ruthless cold" to "spin The word "Jian Jue" has formed a rare move in the world! There are very few moves in the world that have such a long offensive power! Fan Liyu's swordsmanship combines "vertical and horizontal anger" at the same time. " Ao vicissitudes of life "," ruthless cold "three types, from" vertical and horizontal pride The transition from "vicissitudes of life" to "merciless cold vicissitudes of life" is like a matter of course, without the slightest sense of axe and chisel. With a sound, a wound was added to Yan Gaozhao's right arm, and blood quickly overflowed and trickled down the arm! Fan Li hated that he wanted to "break the sky" again, but suddenly he felt a dull pain in his chest, which turned out to be a real failure! He struck in an instant. In the three forms of "Breaking Ao Jian Fa", there is no room for any stagnation in the middle, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,endless swim spa, and the loss of true strength is huge, which can be imagined. As soon as Fan Li's body fell, he felt that his breath was somewhat disordered, and for a moment he was unable to make a move. If Yan Gaozhao fought back immediately at this time, His life must be in danger, but Yan Gaozhao met his opponent with such a strange and mysterious sword style, and was injured by it. In amazement, he did not There is an immediate counterattack. Monk Tianshi was highly skilled in martial arts, and he had seen that although Fan Liyu had succeeded in attacking, he was bound to lose his true strength in such a way. At that moment, he immediately drove forward and stood in front of Fan Li's body, and his palm rushed out. The strong wind was like a knife, and the mat rolled up and the swallow shone high. Yan Gaozhao suddenly let out a low and dumb roar like a beast, and the blood on his right arm flowed to the body of the sword, which suddenly burst out red. The color of the strange light, shocking. At this time, Yan Gaozhao felt the blood sword trembling, like a beast that had been suppressed for a long time, eager to break through the cage and devour it. Everything in the world! At the same time, he felt his heart beat a lot faster, and a strange feeling made his heart beat faster and faster. The blood of the whole body rushed like boiling water, as if it would burst out at any time. What was more terrible was that the bloody sword in his hand was getting heavier and heavier, and he could only hold the sword by gathering his true strength. Only then did he know that the sword was extremely fierce and difficult to control! He did not know that the reason why the Blood Sword was getting heavier and heavier was that the ferocity of the Blood Sword had been completely stimulated by his blood. Live, keep absorbing the hostility between heaven and earth! Yan Gaozhao was stimulated by his increasingly intense heartbeat and became manic and restless. He couldn't help thinking, "No, I must still be able to." Defeat them with the sword of blood in your hand! Therefore, as soon as the Heavenly Master Monk Fu made a move, Yan Gaozhao immediately raised his skill to the limit, swung his right arm, and drew a bloody sword. Blood-red demon light, cut at the waist to the heavenly monk! With a dull hum, the heavenly monk fell out, and blood gushed from his abdomen. Monk Tianshi was astonished. He was shocked to find that Yan Gaozhao was wielding a sword at this time. His strength was so strong that it was twice as strong as before. The invisible air knife can't resist his sword at all! Monk Tianshi was easily defeated by Yan Gaozhao, which made the lost soul sober a lot. He touched his scabbard with his backhand. In the sword, quickly pulled out. When he sank his elbow and drew his sword, his soul was startled! Because all he pulled out was the hilt of his sword! Stunned, the lost soul tilted the scabbard, and dozens of fragments of the blade fell to the ground in the crisp sound of "clanging". As soon as his soul sank, he realized that his ordinary sword was in the blood, and when the sword came out, it had broken by itself. Even the six Buddhist comet swords can't resist the oppression of blood and ferocity, not to mention an ordinary sword in the hands of the lost soul? Fan Li hated that after the heavenly monk intercepted Yan Gaozhao for him, the True Qi was reunited, and he had already peeped out the weakness of Yan Gaozhao. The "Yanmen Kuaijian" was now much slower than it had just been, although he did not know that this was because of the unusual changes that had taken place in the Blood Sword. Cause, but know that this is a good opportunity to defeat the enemy! Moreover, we must attack the enemy "quickly"! The intention is certain, Fan Li hate no longer hesitate, the body is like a surprise, has suddenly flashed to Yan Gaozhao behind, scabbard phantom countless, from four. Face all directions to Yan Gaozhao pour out, lightning stone fire, has even hit Yan Gaozhao seven vital points. Yan Gaozhao can turn around to block, Fan Li hate has changed,jacuzzi swim spa, his sword style is almost a change, never with the blood of the sword face. Pick up. After several moves, Yan Gaozhao's posture was obviously slow. monalisa.com