Have a crush on you for a long time

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When the old man saw that Huang Xiaolong was polite and well-mannered, half of his nameless anger had disappeared, he said,endless swimming pool, "Who can trust you?" Without thinking about it, Huang Xiaolong answered casually, "The younger generation just came out of the

Chi Nian wanted to move or change her position, but she didn't dare. She tried not to push him away, but tried to move her wrist, but instead of pushing him away, she lifted her arm around his neck. About to be satisfied with Chi Nian's active response, Duan Muzhi's hand on the edge of the combing table quickly supported Chi Nian's waist. The room was warm, and Chi Nian wore only a close-fitting thin sweater. The soft slender waist was grasped by him, and Duan Mu immediately wanted more. The hand on her waist took her to a broad and stiff chest, and the distance between them made it difficult for Chi Nian to breathe, but she had nowhere to hide. Under the quiet light, there is an ambiguous sucking sound floating in the air. Suddenly, there was a light sound outside the window. It's like a pebble hitting the windowsill, crackling, crackling. The sound woke Chi Nian with a start. For a moment, Chi Nian was stunned and called a halt without thinking. Wait a minute The hands around Duan Muzhi's neck fell against his shoulders, and Chi Nian dared not let him get any closer. Don't, don't do this, we can't.. Chi Nian still did not dare to look up at him, but his voice overflowed from between their lips and teeth, strangely ambiguous and hoarse. Can't what? Duan Muzhi asked knowingly. His voice, which had been low and hoarse,indoor endless pool, was now more charming and sexy. Just his voice had already made Chi Nian blush, and she didn't dare to look up at his eyes at this time. She was afraid that she would fall faster. Her eyebrows and eyes drooped, her eyes were evasive, even her ears were pink, and her shy appearance was very lovely. It's beautiful. Duan Muzhi, I, we.. Chi Nian hesitated to say something, but Duan Muzhi didn't give her a chance to go on. Shh. He opened his palm and stuck the tiger's mouth in Chi Nian's jaw. "Listen,endless pool factory, it's snowing outside." Snow? Chi Nian did not know what his intention was when he suddenly said this. But when she was distracted by the matter, her breath was robbed again. At such a warm and tender moment, Duan Muzhi had no intention of saying more. All the words were not worth the soft touch of being close to her again, which made him more happy. The evening weather forecast is playing on the TV in the living room. The first snow in B city since the beginning of winter is expected to fall tonight, and the snowfall process is expected to continue until next week. Traveling citizens are requested to prepare for cold and skid prevention. Next, let's enjoy the snow scenery of B city in previous years. In the pictures broadcast in turn, the snow was falling, the huge city was covered with snow, and on the snow-covered campus playground, there were three or five groups of students having snowball fights. It was Chi Nian, wearing a red scarf, running in a snow-white field, with silvery laughter sprinkled behind her. As she ran, she laughed loudly at the girls behind her. "Come after me quickly!" Under the pine tree, outdoor whirlpool ,american hot tub, Duan Muzhi, wearing a light-colored down jacket, smiled in his eyes, and only the girl running in the snow was printed in his dark pupils. - Chi Nian, that's strange. Looking at you like this, I should feel satisfied. If one day, you can enjoy the snow with me in my arms, then. - At noon the next day, when Gao Cheng opened his eyes in a panicked scream, Chi Nian's brain was still in a state of chaos. Chi Nian did not remember when she fell asleep yesterday, nor how she returned to the bedroom, the last fragment in her memory was Duan Muzhi's long eyelashes trembling gently, and the smell of alcohol on his body dyed her head. And now, she's alone in the bedroom. Ah At the thought of what had happened last night, Chi Nian pulled the quilt over her head with chagrin, and the feeling of burning red on her face made her afraid to think more about the details of last night. Last night, she kissed Duan Muzhi. She actually kissed him. And still so intimate gesture, she is still so active. God, she doesn't know how to go out and meet people later! Outside the room. Gao Cheng was carrying his coat, his hair was as messy as a chicken coop, and his panicked expression was as if he had just been robbed. Duan Muzhi! Duan Muzhi, save me! Help! Duan Muzhi came out of the kitchen and saw Gao Cheng running towards him. He frowned and said with displeasure, "What are you shouting about?". ” Chi Nian slept late last night, and he should not wake up now. As soon as Gao Cheng opens his voice, what should he do if it disturbs her. He weighed the spatula in his hand and was ready to stop him on the spot as long as Gao Cheng shouted again. Unexpectedly, the person who sent out the next voice was Tao Le. Xiao Chengcheng, why are you running? As soon as his voice appeared, Gao Cheng was so frightened that he quickly hid behind Duan Muzhi and looked at Tao Le, who was leaning against the wall, alert and frightened: "Don't come over!"! I'm afraid of you, can't I? At this time, Tao Le also looked disheveled. Duan Muzhi couldn't help frowning and asked, "What are you?" When Tao Le heard this, he changed his posture and pinched his legs. He shyly pulled up his long hair, which did not exist at all, and said shyly, "We were last night.." Gao Cheng and Tao Le drank too much last night, and Duan Muzhi drove them into the room and Tao Le fell asleep after a while. Gao Cheng was in good spirits and listened to the noise outside for a while, but he didn't hear anything. Then sleepiness set in and he went to bed disappointed. It was a normal thing for two drunken men to sleep together, but Gao Cheng apparently forgot that Tao Le was not the normal man he had imagined. As soon as he opened his eyes in the room just now, Tao Le was leaning in his arms with his shoulders half exposed. Seeing that he woke up, he hooked his chin in a charming way and winked at him, 'Good morning, Xiao Chengcheng'. As soon as Gao Cheng looked at him, he was stunned. When his sleepiness disappeared, he suddenly remembered something. In a panic, he lowered his head to check whether his clothes were in good condition,whirlpool hot tub, but he didn't want Tao Le to start taking off his clothes at this time. 'Get Up in the morning and do some exercise, which is good for physical and mental health. ' Do Exercise?! As soon as Gao Cheng thought of what kind of sport he was talking about, he felt a chill coming from under his feet. monalisa.com