Don't flirt with ghosts while fighting upside down (Common number: Situlanya House of Everything

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When the old man saw that Huang Xiaolong was polite and well-mannered, half of his nameless anger had disappeared, he said,endless swimming pool, "Who can trust you?" Without thinking about it, Huang Xiaolong answered casually, "The younger generation just came out of the

Xie Jing raised his head and his eyes were a little red. After suppressing his emotions, he pulled out a smile at the corners of his mouth and said, "Let's not talk about this. Uncle will tell you what happened to Uncle today. It's very exciting. Do you want to hear it?" When Yang Nuan saw him like this, he sighed secretly. Then he looked up and said with a smile, "Yes." The author has something to say: I'm sorry that you have stopped updating for so many days, but it will gradually return to normal. Jinjiang Literature joins hands with the author to wish dear readers and friends: Spring Festival holiday, peace and well-being! At the same time, we warmly remind everyone to wash their hands frequently, wear masks, ventilate more and gather less. Chapter 34 As the night drew near Yang Nuan tiptoed down from the bed and saw Xie Jing lying on the sofa snoring. His heart relaxed and he turned into a real body and turned out of the window. She drifted all the way to the house in the suburbs, where a man was already standing in front of the door. Yang Nuan looked at the room in the dark and asked in a low voice, "Is there any movement?" "I've been watching Ke Ming all day, and I haven't found anything I shouldn't have," said Fuller. Yang Nuan sneers: "You should not be careless, let that ghost be aware of escape." Fuller shook his head. "No, if I really escaped, I couldn't have found it." Yang Nuan stretched out his hand and interrupted him: "Whether there is or not, let's go in and have a look first. Is Song Wanya at home?" "Song Wanya had something to do and went out, and the servants at home fell asleep. It was far away from Ke Ming's room,outdoor spa manufacturers, and it was convenient for us to move." Yang Nuan made an OK gesture and went in first. Fuller followed closely behind. There's a ghost coming. Get excited. A voice jumped out of Ke Ming's mind, and the sleeping man woke up in an instant. What do you mean? Why would a ghost come to me? That ghost way: "Should be this afternoon that boy is provoked, did not think of to still have two ghosts to protect him." "Who are they?" Ke Ming felt some trembling of the ghost attached to his body. The way is very deep. I haven't recovered yet, but I can't resist them. You can find a way to get out, and then go to the boy's house with the memory I gave you. Ke Ming said clearly, then closed his eyes, adjusted his breathing, and began to pretend to sleep. Yang Nuan followed Fu Le to Ke Ming's door,jacuzzi bath spa, and the two of them nodded to each other and went in directly from outside the door. The room was quiet, and Yang Nuan squatted directly in front of Ke Ming's eyes and stared at him. "What's the use of staring like that?" Asked Fuller. Yang Nuan smiled: "If this boy's body is really filled with ghosts, then he must be able to feel us and hear our conversation. I've been staring at him like this. If he can't stand it, he will certainly open his eyes." Ke Ming was stared at by Yang Nuan, hiding in the quilt hand has already clenched into a fist, he estimated that he could not hold on, hurriedly pretended to sleep tears, turned over. Yang Nuan curled his lips and stood up and looked at Fuller. "What can you do?" "With blood," Fuller said, pulling out a dropper with a drop of blood on it. Yang Nuan could not help but give Fu Le a thumbs-up: "Chicken blood is ready, you think really thoughtful." Ke Ming saw that the two people had not moved for so long, and his heart was even tighter, fearing that they would come up with some tricks. Now the ghost in his body has completely disappeared in order not to be exposed, endless pool swim spa ,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, and now he can only face the two evil ghosts by himself. Suddenly he felt a ghost in front of him, and then like a drop of water on his forehead, Ke Ming was wondering and felt like his forehead wanted to burn up, the pain was severe. At the thought that he had been carefully designed for so long and would be destroyed in a moment, Ke Ming clenched his teeth and did not even move. I don't think so. Fuller put the dropper back into his sleeve and returned it. As soon as Yang Nuan's eyes converged, he sneered, "Do you have a stake? Give me the sharpest one." Fuller was puzzled, but handed it to her. Yang Nuan laughed even more coldly. He pinched his voice and said, "No matter whether this man is possessed by an evil ghost or not, since Xie Jing said something different, he can't stay." Fu Le is startled: "You are mad, this stake goes down, that but person ghost must die!"! Are you sure there's a ghost in here? "Well, whether there is a ghost or not, this man can't stay.". ” As soon as Yang Nuan's eyes froze, he grasped the stake with both hands and stabbed Ke Ming's heart mercilessly, without the meaning of stopping at all. Bang! Ke Ming felt his body out of control, his back slammed under the windowsill, and the stake plunged into the bed. Yang Nuan smiled, "I finally forced you to come out, the evil ghost." Ke Ming broke out in a cold sweat and said to himself, "What should we do now?" "Give me your body," said the evil spirit. "You must escape." As soon as Ke Ming nodded, his body was handed over to the evil ghost. When Yang Nuan saw that he had not moved for a long time, he was frightened: "No, it's going to run away!" The two men shot one after another, but the evil ghost reacted so quickly that he turned over and escaped from the window. Ke Ming had no time to be afraid, so his thighs ran at an unimaginable speed. He looked back sideways, and the two ghosts behind him were still in hot pursuit. Damn Suddenly, a force drove Ke Ming to make a sudden turn. Fuller looked at the direction of their escape and was startled. "Oh no, his target is Xie Jing." "Ha." Xie Jing suddenly woke up and sat up from the bed. What's wrong? Why do you suddenly have a bad feeling. Xie Jing patted his face, got up and went to the living room to pour a glass of water, trying to calm down. As soon as he took a sip, he heard a noise coming from his bedroom, and a man came out of his bedroom. It was more like a beast than a man. His eyes were white, his body was bent, and his teeth were bared. Xie Jing thought he was watching a zombie movie. After seeing the face of the man, Xie Jing staggered back: "You, you are Ke Ming." No, you shouldn't be now. Who are you? The evil ghost did not answer, but when he saw that Xie Jing wanted to move to the door, he rushed forward and threw Xie Jing down. It's over. I guess I have to go to the West to see the Buddha. Xie Jing closed his eyes, suddenly there was a loud noise, and his body suddenly lightened. As soon as he opened his eyes,whirlpool hot tub spa, he saw a woman in a studded jacket stepping on the face of the evil ghost. The woman said in a cold voice, "I'll give you a chance to get out of your host quickly, or I'll destroy your spirit!" 。