He's got a cat [wear it] on top of his head

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When the old man saw that Huang Xiaolong was polite and well-mannered, half of his nameless anger had disappeared, he said,endless swimming pool, "Who can trust you?" Without thinking about it, Huang Xiaolong answered casually, "The younger generation just came out of the

By the way, after finishing this book, I want to write this book. I like to be more unique [cover your face] and prefer to be ashamed of the strong women and weak men, so the next book is more Su's white, rich and beautiful woman and the little milk dog man. The copy is here. Can the fairies poke it into the column and help me hide it? (Will start writing in mid-July at the latest) Title: "Beautiful and faithful" (name: "Don't laugh at my qqq") There is a flower in Jiangcheng No.1 Middle School. Its name is Xie Murmur. It has white skin, beautiful appearance and long legs. It is rich and loved by everyone. Until one day, a transfer student named Xu Yan came. The insufferably arrogant Xie Murmur began to revolve around the transfer student inexplicably. People think she likes him. Actually, she owes him. Others thought that he hated her because he had a cold face every day. In fact, he likes her, likes to buy breakfast, take an umbrella, do homework, do sanitation, all kinds of things have been done secretly, but still do not know what to do. [Bai Fu Mei Su Su Su Female Lead vs Spoony Deep External Iceberg Facial Paralysis Eccentric Personality Internal Jealous Crazy Devil Bamboo Horse Male Lead] Chapter 35 overbearing elder martial sister and footman. In the dark cave, the water was swaying, and the anger was suddenly ambiguous. Just then, something came out of the eggshell, an ugly black dragon with wrinkled skin and eyes that could not be opened. As soon as he climbed out, his limbs were soft and he fell on Li Qianyao's hands,garden jacuzzi tub, making a "chirp" sound in his abdomen. yuan yuan and Li Qianyao are a little surprised, because this little dragon contains great spiritual power. Before that, the huge spiritual fluctuations they felt like earthquakes were brought about by the imminent hatching of the dragon. Now that it has crawled out of its eggshell, its spiritual power has increased thousands of times-it can be said that it is no less than any instrument that has been buried for thousands of years. It will certainly be of great use in the future. Although yuan yuan knew the original plot and could find dragon eggs and hatch them here, she was still shocked to see the little thing with her own eyes-much uglier than she had imagined, but also inexplicably cute. After the little thing came out, it lay motionless in the palm of Li Qianyao's hand, probably from the dragon egg to the outside environment,hot tub manufacturers, and needed to slow down for a while. yuan yuan took off his cloak, which was in the way, and said to Li Qianyao, "Let me hug you." Li Qianyao was stupefied, his face turned red, put Xiaolong on the huge rock on one side, and then opened his arms to yuan yuan. yuan yuan couldn't help laughing: "." I mean the dragon. Her face was as cold as ice, and suddenly she laughed, making Li Qianyao's face even redder. The little dragon suddenly left the warm palm of his hand and was placed on the cold rock. He had already cried out with great dissatisfaction. If it hadn't been for the inconvenience of action, he might have begun to bite the trouser legs of the two men. At this time, he raised his ugly head and looked longingly at the two of them, which was inexplicably lovely. So yuan yuan squatted down and picked up the little black dragon, put his head on his arm, and touched the surface of his skin with his fingers. It was all gullies and wrinkles. I don't know if it would grow up when he grew up a little, whirlpool bathtub ,China spa factory, otherwise it would be too ugly. However, just touching the surface of its skin in this way, you can feel the tremendous spiritual power contained in its body. This dragon is only equivalent to the infant period, the cultivation has been no less than the monk of the yuan infant period, if it grows into a big dragon, it does not know how terrible the spiritual power will grow! Li Qianyao took a look at the dragon in yuan yuan's arms and put his eyes back on yuan yuan. Inexplicably, there is a sense of loss of attention. He pursed his lips, lifted the cloak, put it on yuan yuan again, and finally went to the middle of the pool to take out some of the mud around the little dragon's eggs. If the dragon is to be brought back, the smell of mud that it has become accustomed to can help it recognize people. yuan yuan and Li Qianyao each wiped a little of the mud on their wrists to facilitate the identification of the two of them by the small dragon head for a few days. Just then, the system reminded: "Ding, the mission of strategy and the mission of recapturing the opportunity have been completed, and now you can leave the world.". But there is also a side task to reveal the true face of Zhao Fanyu, the host, do you want to choose to complete it? yuan yuan naturally has to choose to complete, the last world's side task is not controlled by her, this world's side task is much simpler. So she chose to confirm. However, from the beginning of this node, has been completely out of the original plot Li Qianyao was framed and fell into the plot, so what will happen next, she does not know. But she is not worried, after all, Xiuxian world decides all sanctions for all is Xiuwei, since now she has half a heavenly spirit root, then what are you afraid of. So two people no longer stay too much, with the dragon, along the entrance has been out. The two men had been in the secret place for nearly thirty days, and these days should be the time when the secret place was opened, so they walked toward the direction where they came in with the elders that day. In this secret place of heavy snow, the imperial art must be faster, but the two men have been walking. Li Qianyao had the idea of leaving here as late as he could. Once he went out, Elder Martial Sister was everyone's Elder Martial Sister, Headmaster's baby daughter, and Zhao Fanyu's younger sister, but in this secret place, she was only his Elder Martial Sister. yuan yuan naturally noticed his thoughts, but did not expose them, so he casually said that he was tired of walking and stopped to rest with him from time to time. However, even if we walked slowly like this, on the third day, we arrived at the forest where the brothers were lost in the tide of beasts. In half an hour to the south, you will reach the entrance of the secret land. Li Qianyao's pace is deliberately getting slower and slower. In the past two days, Xiaolong spent most of his time sleeping in the bundle behind him, occasionally showing his head and eating some wild fruits and animal carcasses brought by two people. However already initially established the relations with two people, occasionally sticks out the head not to see Li Qianyao and yuan yuan one of person's words,endless swim pool, but also will send out the doubt "chirps" the sound. The little black dragon is male, and most of the time he prefers to stay in yuan yuan's arms. He can lick or scratch most of his body. If the back of his head itches, he will rub his ugly head against yuan yuan's hands and ask to be rubbed and scratched. monalisa.com