Genius (Wandering)

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By this time, he had already ignored his naked and embarrassing appearance, and saw the disciples of the various sects who had fled down the mountain, one by one with dusty faces,Adhesive fish ruler, as if they had climbed out of the chimney, hurriedly clasping their hands together and cha

Well, it can't really be uninhabited. There are still quite a few ordinary Taoist priests, but there are only a few hundred Taoist priests in the Taiqing Palace, which can accommodate tens of thousands of people. Ji Xiaotian feels inexplicably strange. Taiqing Palace is equivalent to the lower house of Laoshan School, and the real Laoshan School can not be exposed to ordinary people. As for Ji Xiaotian's question, Xu yuan, who had a good impression on him, was not impatient at all. He did not wait for Lu Yi to answer, but explained with a smile first. Ji Xiaotian also wanted to ask again, Xu yuan with two people have arrived at the back of the Taiqing Palace, this is a solid mountain, as a natural barrier outside the Taiqing Palace, Xu yuan was so stunned in Ji Xiaotian, small half of the body directly into the mountain. Yes, it was stepped in, not across, as if such a solid mountain did not exist at all. Seeing that Ji Xiaotian did not catch up with them, Xu yuan also showed half of his body in an exaggerated way and greeted them: "Come on, you won't see a good show if you are late!" With that, the whole body of the virtual element disappeared. Surprised? Haha, brother Jie, sometimes you are wrong. It's just a small blind spot. Let's go in together. In Ji Xiaotian's dubious eyes, Lu Yi almost pulled Ji Xiaotian into the mountain together,Horse weight lbs, and sure enough, the two men entered without hindrance, without any other uncomfortable feeling. A brand-new space, completely different from the place around the Taiqing Palace outside, appeared in front of Ji Xiaotian. The fresh air and the more dense vitality of heaven and earth gave people such a comfortable feeling that Ji Xiaotian could not help but take a deep breath. Even at his skill level, he can survive for a long time without breathing through his mouth and nose and relying on internal circulation, he still made such a move. At least ten times better than the environment around the Taiqing Palace. Ji Xiaotian was surprised to know that the Taiqing Palace is located in the best location of Laoshan, a famous scenic spot. Compared with the polluted city,Diameter tape measure, the environment is much better. And the real Laoshan Sect residence, hidden in a special space behind the Taiqing Palace, actually had a better environment. Remembering the historical books and records I had read, a surprising thought came up: "Taoist Xuyuan, Brother Lu Yi, is this the legendary cave?" No wonder Xiaotian thinks so, whether it is the blue sky, the white clouds, or the green grassland in front of him, or the dense forest behind him, all give him a feeling that the heaven and earth are not so blessed. Not to mention just a few deep breaths, the body's True Qi has a slow increase in changes, had to let Ji Xiaotian have this question. If he stays here to practice, according to the results calculated by Ji Xiaotian's super brain, his True Qi may increase faster than the benefits of using current to stimulate acupoints at this stage, but it is still faster than using a catalyst equivalent to red fluorite. Chapter 137 super fierce man. "Even if it's not in the middle, Fish measuring board ,Walking measuring wheel, it's not far away!" Lu Yi had not yet come to say anything, but Xu yuan clapped his hands and laughed, looking very proud that this space had given Ji Xiaotian such an idea. Speaking of the Ke Jie brothers, they are not outsiders. It's okay to say that this small cave in Laoshan was opened up by our patriarch with great magical powers. It may be different from the real 72 caves and 36 blessed places, but according to my personal experience, it's not much different. Obviously, Xu yuan did not have the slightest idea of concealing, which was tantamount to telling Ji Xiaotian a moderate secret of Laoshan School. And the most important thing is that the virtual yuan also reveals a message, that is, he has been to other real caves, which is enough to show that the virtual yuan in front of him is an absolute immortal level master. Younger Martial Brother, you're finally back. If you don't come back, I'm really going to face the wall. Is here, a super exaggerated rough voice, from far to near the rapid approach, "bang", like a cannonball hit the body of Lu Yi, tightly strangled him. "Elder Martial Brother Xuzhen, you were punished by my father to face the wall. Why are you still here?" The bearer was a tall and strong man who was nearly two meters tall, so that Lu Yi almost rolled his eyes, but Lu Yi did not mean to get angry at all, and asked with a wry smile. It turned out that this was Xu Zhen who was guarding the mountain gate. If Lu Yi hadn't persuaded him, it would have been impossible to sneak down Laoshan. Lu Yi, who had a loss in his heart, had caused Xu Zhen to be punished. No matter how dissatisfied Xu Zhen, who had always been used to rudeness, naturally did not dare to have any opinions at this time. Xu Zhen was obviously not a person who was good at words. He touched the Taoist temple on his head and held back a few words for a long time, which almost made people worried to death: "Hey, I.." "He, ah, is not your father, our master is in trouble, there is no time to take care of him, so let him slip here, of course, the most important thing is that we know you are back." Xu Zhen, whose face was flushed, was about to try to explain when he heard two sounds of "swish, swish" breaking through the air. There were two more Taoist priests in front of them. Surprisingly, the two Taoist priests were about twenty years younger than Lu Yi. They looked exactly the same. They were twins and even became Taoist priests. Elder Martial Brother Xu Heng and Elder Martial Brother Xu Li, you're here too! Lu Yi was surprised and happy. The two twin brothers usually only knew how to practice and practice again. They were always in seclusion. Unexpectedly, as soon as they came back, they had a rare chance to meet each other. How could Lu Yi not be so excited that he greeted them eagerly. Lu Yi's father only received four disciples, according to the name of yuan Heng Lizhen, all belong to the virtual generation, so for a while, Ji Xiaotian is all seen. And all of them are immortal strength. Four immortals, all of a sudden saw four immortals, really is the same as Lu Yi said, Laoshan Sect official disciples are immortal level. Trouble, what trouble,Surveyors tape measure, my father, your master is in trouble, you are still in the mood to gossip here? 。