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Thirty or fifty sword awn, the same attribute of the soul power fluctuations, almost synchronous release, so that these shot out of the sword awn resonance, this is like two groups of water, touch together, will merge into one, dozens of sword awn attract each other, compatible with the so

So standing on the top of a three-story teahouse, Cui Yu, the commander of the Silver Sword Mercenary Regiment, could see the battle situation more than two hundred meters away in front of him with the naked eye. Beside Cui Yu, the man in a black robe also gave out a cold laugh and said, "Niu Jin is a bull. It's not just brute force. This guy is smart in his heart. How can a guy who can lead a super regiment be a brainless fool?" What he had done in the teahouse before seemed rude, but it was the temperament of people in our line of work! "Now there are a lot of mercenary soldiers to praise him in private, and in this fight against the tribe, his Taurus mercenary regiment is standing at the forefront, facing the tribe, this is a big show of the prestige of the Taurus mercenary regiment, watch, soon the reputation of the Taurus mercenary corps will be very popular with this war, I don't know how many people will apply to join!" "This bull is willing to go out, this hundreds of bull helmet heavy armor is the core combat power of the Taurus mercenary regiment, if the damage is too much, it can not be saved by joining two or three thousand newcomers!" It was obvious that Cui Yu could not accept the fact that Niu Jin, a vulgar fellow, was more calculating than himself. Hum, this guy didn't put all the core force in the first line, before I also saw Niu Delu that fellow with more than two hundred people appeared in the rear of the town, circuitous to the outside of the town, this bull must be the main force ready to fill the head, and these bull body heavy armor but thick, wolf cavalry is fierce, but the biggest advantage of cavalry is mobility, Instead of stopping to fight with people, so just block the impact of this wave, the probability of survival is very high! We, on the other hand, may have more casualties than he! "This bull will have such a calculation!" Cui Yu also asked in disbelief,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, preferring to believe that it was all blind cats touching dead mice. I wish he hadn't, Colonel. It's time to get ready. The Wolf Cavalry is coming towards us! Wolf cavalry did not entangle the hundreds of heavy armor, the biggest deterrent force of cavalry is mobile, relying on the power of the charge to break down the enemy, and then repeatedly interspersed, constantly disintegrate the enemy, this is almost the essence of riding, and in order to give up mobile with one or two enemies, dogfight, that is to expose its shortcomings. Bull gold under nearly five hundred heavy armor formed a dozen concentric array, dense unity in one,304 stainless steel wire, like a rock reef, let the front of the wolf cavalry surge, but the formation is not scattered, instead of head-on wolf ride didn't get any good end, claws, teeth and even in the hands of the sword can't tear open in front of the heavy armor, and then, They will be stabbed from the left and right front by heavy halberds and spears that suddenly come out of the cracks in the heavy armor. Body totem armor, also can't resist this kind of heavy halberd at close range thrust, especially the snow wolf under the crotch, there is no armor to wear on the body, soon these small round array in front of a pile up a body bag, galloping wolf cavalry immediately like water flow, towards the two sides of the shunt, and did not go to hard gnaw in front of the bone. Human heavy armor, is not the wolf cavalry can gnaw to move, but these heavy armor although rough skin and thick meat, but the weakness is also very obvious, that is a serious lack of mobility, so as long as the defeat of the enemy, the last hard bone want to grind to death is very easy, brushed stainless steel sheet ,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, not to mention in their rear can also have those violent orcs, this kind of human heavy armor, but their favorite dish. Sword Array! Cui Yu is very uncomfortable, the night covered his gloomy face, looking at the moonlight, such as the silver river of the wolf cavalry, Cui Yu mouth jumped out of two words. Each super mercenary regiment will have its own core team, that is, the elite main force group. The members of the main force group are not necessarily the strongest, but they must meet a standard, that is, the core value of the mercenary regiment. To put it bluntly, it is the forbidden curse of soul skills. There are many kinds of soul skills, such as the attack soul skill of the main killing, the defense soul skill of the main defense, the auxiliary soul skill that improves the state and restores the effect, as well as the detective soul skill and the special type of soul skill. It can be said that each kind of soul skill has its own merits, and these soul skills belong to the single soul skill. When more than two people cooperate with each other tacitly and the soul skills resonate with each other, a combination of soul skills will be formed. The more the number of soul skills that resonate, the greater the power of the soul skills, even by geometric multiples. When a boundary is broken, the most powerful soul skill in the combination will be formed. And usually the forbidden curse soul skill, is the need for the soul emperor level above the strong can release the destruction skill, and hundreds of soul division, the soul division of the soul lieutenant level through tacit cooperation, release the soul skill together, can also form almost powerful soul skill, the strong of the soul emperor level, rare, and the soul division, the soul of the spirit lieutenant level is numerous, so the combination of soul skill. Taboo Soul Skill, a powerful soul skill, has gradually become the target of pursuit and is sought after by mercenary regiments. Just as the Hundred Flowers Mercenary Corps can release the Wall of Thorns, the signature soul skill of the Silver Sword Mercenary Corps is the Sword Array. The more the number of people, the more difficult to form a unified tacit cooperation, so the number of people to thirty or fifty people as a single individual, although the power is far less than more than a hundred people soul skill outbreak, but win in the difficulty is low, the same, such power to deal with roughly around the level of the wolf riding is enough. Thirty people in a regiment, fifty people in a group, the mercenary members of the elite regiment have long been familiar with everyone around them, this tacit understanding is not three or five months of training, some are two or three years, or even ten years of friendship, tacit understanding, not to say heart to heart, but also practice makes perfect. This scene is like a large-scale evening party, the dark stage, suddenly a flash of light, neat and uniform sword dance, different phalanxes, releasing different colors of sword awn, in a moment of soul cohesion, has gathered three feet of sword awn poured out at the same time. The first form, sword strike! Thirty or fifty sword awn, the same attribute of the soul power fluctuations, almost synchronous release, so that these shot out of the sword awn resonance, this is like two groups of water, touch together, will merge into one, dozens of sword awn attract each other, compatible with the soul power, that three feet of arrow awn,mirror stainless steel sheet, gathered into one, into a few feet of sword awn, straight ahead.