He stinks He stinks

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I had contact with the Knights of the Cross in Atlantis before, and I had contact with the national teacher before the entrance examination. The girl continued. What? Takako can't hide her shock, and the others are no better than Takako! "Do you want to continue?" Asked t

Ji Xiaoliang sat on the steps with instant noodles in her hands. She turned her head sideways and asked, "When will you go to Class 7? You should have classes there in the future." Class 7 to Class 12 are art classes, in the teaching building next door, usually in addition to lunch time, there is basically no chance to meet by chance. Shan Xuan said, "I will go there tomorrow. The formalities will be done this afternoon. I should not go to class this afternoon." Ji Xiaoliang said, no longer speaking, rolled the instant noodles into a circle with a spoon, exhaled a few breaths into his mouth, and then sent them into his mouth. Shan Xuan coughed: "We will still have lunch together." Ji Xiaoliang is stupefied: "Ah?" Shan Xuan suddenly said ferociously, "Just have lunch and dinner. Do you understand?" Ji Xiaoliang smiled: "Oh, I know." After two people ate instant noodles, Shan Xuan sent Ji Xiaoliang back to the classroom and then disappeared. Ji Xiaoliang spent an afternoon reluctantly, and did not see the trace of Shan Xuan until the end of the evening self-study. Sister, will you go back to the dormitory together? yuan Jinghan packed up his things and sat down beside Ji Xiaoliang's seat. "I heard Lin Yang mention something about Shan Xuan. Are you all right?" Ji Xiaoliang softened his body and lay on the table, his chin buried in his arms, and his voice was stuffy: "What's good? My boyfriend is going to live in the Pansi Cave." Although this sentence is a joke, but Ji Xiaoliang's heart is still depressed, she asked a few friends in the afternoon, said that the number of beautiful women in the next building is too many to count, each or learn media or dance and musical instruments, they can not do anything. Ji Xiaoliang, please be confident. Don't you know that fat girls are liked by people? And you are not very fat,dap diammonium phosphate, OK? “……” Ji Xiaoliang rolled his eyes. "You can shut up." Ji Xiaoliang waved his hand to her hurriedly, and his face was full of disgust: "You go back to the dormitory first, and I'll do the exercises in the classroom." yuan Jinghan picked up the draft paper on her desk and looked at it carefully. She said earnestly, "Our beautiful girl with mathematical genius, the draft paper is full of formulas!"! Let's solve this dense "Shan Xuan"! " Ji Xiaoliang hurriedly grabbed the draft paper and said at the top of his voice, "Roll quickly and stay away from my sight. Don't copy your homework again." After yuan Jinghan left the classroom, Ji Xiaoliang played with his mobile phone helplessly, and did not know whether Shan Xuan would come to him today. After waiting for a long time, Ji Xiaoliang felt her cell phone shaking. She quickly opened WeChat and saw Shan Xuan sent it to her: Come to Xingzhi Building 205. Ji Xiaoliang tidied up the table, picked up his cell phone and went to Xingzhi Building. When he went upstairs, he looked at every classroom with lights on. Ji Xiaoliang sighed with emotion that it was really not easy for art students. At this time, the lights were turned off in the second year of high school, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, and the lights were still on in the third year of high school. She found the classroom of 205 according to the house number and knocked on the door before she went in. There are many drawing boards in the classroom, and small sculptures can be seen everywhere on each cabinet. Ji Xiaoliang circled around and saw Shan Xuan in the corner. The incandescent light fell on his head, making his outline look three-dimensional and handsome. He pressed one hand on the drawing board, and the other hand was holding a pencil and drawing intently on the paper. Unlike usual, when he draws, the feeling he gives off is relaxed, unlike writing math problems, the whole person is very tense. Ji Xiaoliang didn't want to disturb him too much, so he walked silently behind him and watched his painting. Until he stopped writing, just ready to reach out to the side to get the phone, Ji Xiaoliang was the whole person from behind his shoulder: "Surprise!"? " Shan Xuan stretched out his hands and did not hug Ji Xiaoliang directly. He put his palm to Ji Xiaoliang: "Dirty, don't rub against you." Ji Xiaoliang put his arms around his hand and jumped up to him and made a face: "I don't think you are dirty. Don't play with yourself." Shan Xuan raised the corners of his mouth unconsciously, and Chao Ji Xiao Liang hooked his hands. Ji Xiaoliang stretched his body to Shan Xuan with a puzzled look on his face: "Eh?" Shan Xuan directly circled Ji Xiaoliang in his arms. The original white school uniform was already stained with pencil shavings. He lowered his voice and said, "You said so. I don't think I'm dirty.". ” “……” Ji Xiaoliang was stupefied for three seconds before he pinched Shan Xuan and said, "Why do you need to be beaten so much?"! Don't run if you can! Shan Xuan endured the pain in his waist and said jokingly, "Well, don't run. The area here is small. I can't afford to pay for the damage.". But you have to be gentle. You can't hurt your waist casually. Ji Xiaoliang hurriedly put down his hand and said doubtfully, "Ah, does it hurt? Why can't it hurt?" Shan Xuan raised his eyebrows and looked at her, and then Ji Xiaoliang reacted, "You, you, you." You're a hooligan again. Shan Xuan no longer picks. Make fun of Ji Xiaoliang He pointed to the picture on the drawing board. "What do you think?" Ji Xiaoliang nodded: "Very good, very good!" Shan Xuan, holding the drawing board with one hand, laughed at himself: "This belongs to the middle level in this class." Ji Xiaoliang just wanted to say, the medium level is also very good, just remembered, once the single Xuan has always been top-notch. She thought for a moment and comforted her by saying, "But I found that when you draw, you are much more confident than when you write math problems." Shan Xuan asked, "What was it like when I wrote math?" Ji Xiaoliang answered truthfully: "Just like I am learning English." In Shan Xuan's mind, Ji Xiaoliang's painful and silly appearance when reciting English immediately came to his mind. He was amused in an instant. He packed up his painting tools, went to the pool behind to wash his hands and said, "Let's go and send you back to the dormitory." On their way back to the dormitory, Ji Xiaoliang asked, "I will go to class tomorrow. Let's make an appointment." Shan Xuan looked sideways at Ji Xiaoliang and smiled: "OK." Ji Xiaoliang raised three fingers, and each request changed to one. First: Don't be more friendly with other little girls than with ordinary classmates. "Good." Second: I don't know if we can eat together in the future,Magnesium Oxide price, but you have to take good care of yourself, and you must give me three meals. There is also the same sex friends, Lin Yang is not around you. "Good." "Number three: Don't give up painting. You're really handsome when you paint." "Good.." 。 stargrace-magnesite.com