Dongfang Yu slams the devil with a sword

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I had contact with the Knights of the Cross in Atlantis before, and I had contact with the national teacher before the entrance examination. The girl continued. What? Takako can't hide her shock, and the others are no better than Takako! "Do you want to continue?" Asked t

The man in black, standing on the right, said, "Don't tell me!" "My name is Gong Feiyun," said Li Xiaoyun. "Mr. Zhu Yi is my master." "Very good!" The black-robed man smiled deeply and said, "So you are my nephew." "I didn't hear Shifu say that," said Li Xiaoyun. The black-robed man's face changed slightly. "I'm looking for your master," he said with a laugh. "Go and call the master out." Li Xiaoyun shook his head and said, "Shifu is not at home." The black-robed old man gazed at Li Xiaoyun and asked, "Where is your master?" "I don't know," said Li Xiaoyun. "Don't you know where your master is going?" Asked the black-robed man. "If I don't know, I don't know. Why did I lie to you?" Li Xiaoyun said confidently, "Shifu never told me when he went out." How could I know if he didn't tell me where he was going? The black-robed old man looked at me with a strange light. "Good boy," he said coldly, "since you dare to talk to me like that?" "Strange?" "What do you want me to say?" Asked Li Xiaoyun. With an angry look on his face, the black-robed old man shouted, "Boy, do you think I dare not chop you?" Just then, Li Xiaoyun suddenly heard the master's voice saying in his ear: "Disciple!"! You're not him. "Don't tell him you're stiff. It's not good to be a teacher. You just have to say that you're going to Jiuhua to collect herbs." Li Xiaoyun has long been a formidable enemy, not to mention the eldest brother in the back, which will put the black-robed old man in the eye? One side said loudly: "Never mind, if you want to split it, just split it." She said it didn't matter to the master, meaning that she could cope with it. "You're not afraid of death," said the black-robed old man. Li Xiaoyun hummed,calcium ammonium nitrate price, "I, Gong Feiyun, have never said anything. If Shifu is not here, he is not here. Why are you so fierce?"? You look for Shifu to study. It's the same as what I said. When Shifu comes back, I'll tell him. With an angry look on his face, the black-robed old man pointed to his right hand and was about to raise his palm to split it out when he suddenly put it down slowly and said, "Good!"! You Since the master is not here, you go with the old man. When he said the last word, he suddenly shook his wrist and pointed. Li Xiaoyun has long been paying attention to him,Magnesium Oxide powder, the other side of the finger can point out, she has already raised two fingers in the food, between a ripple, forward stroke. Make a small circle, and then gently point forward. What she used was the "Wuji God Finger"! As soon as the black-robed old man pointed out, he suddenly felt that the wind was different. Not only did he point to the wind as if he had met an invisible air wall like a whirlpool, I can't get past it. Nope! His finger wind suddenly disappeared, and the other side of a wisp of sharp as a sword of strength, but from the whirlpool-like air flow stab. Out, the heart of this surprise is no small matter! He was a man who had practiced martial arts for decades. He reacted very quickly. When he realized something was wrong, he raised his right sleeve like lightning to meet Li Xiaoyun. It means that when the wind blows away, people immediately flash to the left. Li Xiaoyun this finger actually did not mean to hurt him, so the hand is extremely slow, otherwise even if you black robe old man dodge again fast, also. There was no way to escape, but with a "sniff", the black-robed old man's sleeve had been shot through a finger-sized hole by the wind. It was like a flash of lightning, only to hear Mr. Zhu Yi's voice at the door in time, magnesium nitrate hexahydrate ,Magnesium Oxide price, shouting, "Big Brother, stay here!" Love. Mr. Zhu Yi, leaning on a bamboo stick, appeared at the door. Li Xiaoyun did not expect that the master would suddenly appear. He hurriedly dropped his hands and called out, "Master." Mr. Zhu Yi didn't want to see the elder brother, but he was afraid that Li Xiaoyun would be hurt by the elder brother, although he heard Li Xiaoyun. Just now he said, "It doesn't matter," but he was always worried and had to come now. The black-robed old man was shocked. What kind of technique did the boy use? He was so powerful. Was it also the "extraordinary classics"? The martial arts recorded in the book? Think of this, but also hate unceasingly! Just as he saw Mr. Zhu Yi appear at the door, he snorted and said, "Younger Martial Brother Liu, you are a good disciple." You even dare to attack the foolish brother. ” Mr. Zhu Yi repeatedly handed his hand and said, "Elder Martial Brother, stop being angry. The young disciple is young and ignorant. He has offended me a lot." Brother, I will give you a punishment. "One. "Feiyun," he shouted, "haven't you gone up to see Master Bo?" Qing Xiaoyun hindered the master, so he had to arch his hand and lean over and said, "I've seen the master." The black-robed old man just said, "Hey," and turned to Mr. Zhu Yi and said coldly, "Since Younger Martial Brother refuses to see me, why did he come out again? What about it? "Big Brother, please sit down." Mr. Zhu Yi raised his hand and waited for the black-robed old man to sit down. He also sat down on the next bamboo chair. Then he said, "Master!" The elder brother misunderstood that the younger brother was slightly ill and did not see the outsiders, so he took care of the younger brother, only said that the younger brother was not here, just heard the elder brother. Voice, just hastened to meet out, also hope big brother more forgiveness. "We haven't seen each other for decades," said the black-robed old man. "You can still recognize my accent." "Big Brother and Little Brother grew up together," said Mr. Zhu Yi. "How could Little Brother forget?" The black-robed old man said coldly, "Foolish brother, I thought you had become the head of Qimen. I didn't have such a useless teacher long ago." Brother. "I dare not," said Mr. Chu Yi. "Do you know why you're here?" Asked the black-robed old man. Mr. Zhu Yi leaned forward and said, "I just want to ask you something." "Hey, hey!" The black-robed old man laughed and laughed twice. Then he said, "Brother Yu has been invited by the Holy Church in White to take up the post." Worship the religion, and in front of the religious leader recommended the younger martial brother, the religious leader recruited Gao Xian, so eager that he asked the foolish brother to come and invite him in person. Urge the Younger Martial Brother to come out of the mountain. Li Xiaoyun secretly said in his heart, "So he is a party of thieves. By the way, Biluo Villa is also good at transfiguration. So it's him!" When Mr. Zhu Yi heard this, he was stunned. "Big Brother," he said with a smile, "I appreciate it.." "Don't you agree?" Asked the black-robed old man. "You know, Elder Martial Brother," said Mr. Zhu Yi, "I've always been indifferent to fame and fortune, and I didn't ask anyone to know about it. When I was young, it was all over. Tranquility in the past, not to mention now nearly seventy years old, more do not want to make Xiu's cloud. "Ha ha!" The black-robed old man suddenly let out a sharp laugh and said,Magnesium Oxide MgO, "In those days, the old ghost thought that the old man was not promising, you.".