Wind and Cloud Love [Finished]

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I had contact with the Knights of the Cross in Atlantis before, and I had contact with the national teacher before the entrance examination. The girl continued. What? Takako can't hide her shock, and the others are no better than Takako! "Do you want to continue?" Asked t

"Do you have any strategy for this encirclement and suppression operation?" Takako looked at the crowd and asked. Yes! The wind laughed. Oh? ~ Tell me about it! Takako looked at the wind and laughed. Others were also attracted by the words of the wind. There are three stratagems. Which one do you want to hear? The wind laughed. Well, let's start with the best policy! Takako thought for a moment and said. Mmm! Fine! The best policy is to surrender, not to use any force, not to lose any troops to complete the task, so I classify it as the best policy! Said the wind with a smile. Oh! I see, but this strategy has been used before, but unfortunately, it ended in failure! Said Takako. How interesting! "I thought it was a strategy, but this strategy is the best one, and I don't think I need to say anything about the other two strategies," laughed the girl dressed as a thief. I think you misunderstood! The wind smiled and said. Misunderstanding? "Where?" The thief laughed. Didn't I just say that? I positioned it as the best policy because I didn't have to sacrifice anything! The wind laughed. Oh ~ Is it! Then tell me about the medium strategy! Said the thief with a laugh. The medium strategy is even simpler! Just kill them all! Said the wind with a smile. For a moment, everyone was stunned. You've got to be kidding! The thief laughed. How is that possible? The wind laughed. Hateful! What do you take human life for? Ah ~ "The thief ran to the front of the wind and grabbed his collar and shouted angrily." Alas! You are really not fit to be a thief! And innocent and lovely! The wind laughed. Don't change the subject for me. I'm asking you! What do you take human life for,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, ah! "The thief snapped again." Have you ever been stimulated before? The wind still said with a smile. But, damn it, you guy! The thief was so angry that he punched the wind in the face. Stop it! Takako and Sirela shouted at the same time. The thief's fist did not stop because of the voice of the two men, but the fist that Takako and others thought they were going to hit made a light sound at this time, and the angry fist of the thief was dissolved by the wind at will. Not only the thief was stunned in the local,potassium sulphate fertilizer, even other people were stunned, the strength of the thief they are very clear, but like the wind was grabbed by the collar can also be free to defuse the thief's punch, everyone here is not sure that they can do it! "Really, the recent young girls are not ladylike, I really do not know how parents educate!" The wind brushed aside the thief's hand on his collar and muttered as he tidied up his clothes. What I said is my personal opinion, if you don't like it, you can not listen to it, and I have my principles and beliefs, calcium nitrate sol ,caustic calcined magnesite, I will not kill innocent people when it is not necessary, "Feng said earnestly.". The thief said nothing and retreated silently. Cough, all right! Don't argue about such a thing. Talk about a bad plan. Said Takako with a dry cough. "The worst way is to help the weak side and defeat the strong side together," Feng said with a smile. Hum! Why don't you just tell us to be a mountain thief? Said the thief unworthily. Eh! I didn't say such a perverse thing! That's what you said! "The wind said with a smile." You ~ "The thief was just about to rush to the wind, but was stopped by Shirela next to him." All right! Rocky, are you serious? Takako interrupted the battle between the thief and the wind and said. Eh? ~ Of course! Don't I look like I'm serious? Said the wind with a smile. It doesn't look like anywhere. "Everyone is thinking at the same time." Hey! This Loki thought there would be some good strategy, but in the end none of them could be used! "Takako sighed." All right! All right, you three, play it by ear! "Hey!" Takako said with some helplessness. Yes Three people. Ok! Rocky, you can go back! Said Takako. Uh! Then I'll leave! He walked out of the student union with a popular ceremony. Not long after the wind had gone, a girl with short hair came in with some papers in her hand. How's it going? Did you find anything? Takako said to the girl in front of her. There are indeed magicians on Mount Tiya. According to the survey, there are more than twenty mages in total, including one senior mage, fifteen intermediate mages, and the rest are junior mages who have just learned, "said the girl.". "Why are there so many mages?" Takako asked in puzzlement. This is still under investigation! The process is somewhat blocked, and it always feels like someone is operating behind the scenes. The girl said. Is it? If there is danger, don't check it. Call everyone back immediately. Students'lives are the first. Takako said seriously. Yes The girl answered respectfully. So tell me about her! Said Takako. President, I'm sorry! "There is less information about her than expected," the girl said apologetically. It doesn't matter! Report as much as you have! Takako smiled and said. All right. "The girl turned over the document in her hand and read:" Alice Loki, parents unknown, birthplace unknown, birthday unknown, suddenly appeared in the city of Atlantis two months ago, studying fire magic at school.. " "Wait!"! Department of Magic? Isn't it the martial arts department? Takako interrupted in surprise. That's right! It's the magic department! The girl affirmed. Except for Athena, who had seen the wind in the magic department, no one else knew, so it was not very surprising for Athena, but others were different! "All right,Magnesium Oxide MgO, go on!" Said Takako. Yes! I had contact with the Knights of the Cross in Atlantis before, and I had contact with the national teacher before the entrance examination. The girl continued. What? Takako can't hide her shock, and the others are no better than Takako! "Do you want to continue?" Asked the maiden. Takako nodded her head.