The Barbaric King of Online Games

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In order to save them, he was constantly consuming his internal strength. No matter how talented Liu Ling is,disc air diffuser, his reaction can't keep up with him. As long as she did this action well, she hugged one point tightly, and Shen Yan had one more chance to escape with her.

"Phantom Sky Dance is looking for us?" As soon as Chu Zhong heard that the Phantom Sky Dance was looking for himself and Li Yuehong, he was stunned. In fact, before doing the CCTV program, they were not very familiar with the Phantom Sky Dance. If there was something wrong with the Empire before, it was Chu Zhong who contacted him with a knife in his left hand. This time, Chu Zhong really didn't know what the other party wanted to do. This fellow asked confusedly, "What can he do to us? Is it because he also wants to talk about the alliance?" "I don't know. Junko just said it was urgent. She didn't say what the guy was looking for us. But just because he can come to us in person, I guess it's not a small matter. Let's go online as soon as possible. I'm really worried about not going online for so many days." These days Li Yuehong and Chu Zhong two people are not in, the things in the meeting are Junko they several vice president to help deal with, as the president Li Yuehong itself is not at ease, now something happened, she is naturally anxious to go back to see. The two men drove back to the factory building in the industrial park. As soon as they entered the hall, they met a little girl, Bamboo, who went out to eat. Li Yuehong asked what had happened to Bamboo. As a result, the little girl did not know what had happened. She only knew that Junko had collected all the shares in the meeting after contacting the Phantom Sky Dance. Li Yuehong was more anxious when she heard this. He hurriedly ran in three steps and found Junko. Junko, what on earth is going on? I heard Junko say that you called all the backbone of our Gong Hu back? What did the Phantom Dance say to you? Li Yuehong is also really anxious, saw pure son directly asked a lot of questions. Yes Chunzi nodded and followed Li Yuehong for so long. She had already been used to the elder sister's way of doing things. She thought about it and said, "This morning, the Phantom Sky Dance found me,disc air diffuser, saying that it was urgent to find you and Brother Chu. I said you were not here, so I asked him what was the matter. He said several things. Recently, he told me that the Qianshui Palace was going to be bad for us." The other thing is to wait for you to come and talk face to face, and let me tell you to come as soon as possible. "There are other things?" Li Yuehong listened to the story of pure son and frowned, thousand water temple to find their own guild trouble this can be said to be in Li Yuehong expected things, recording the program at that time, the good thing of light fog life was Chu Zhong stirred up not to say, but also by Chu Zhong in public a humiliation, this kind of shame is who can't bear it, light fog life a game, lamella clarifer ,Mechanical fine screen, In reality, it is unlikely to be able to do anything to Chu Zhong. If he wants to retaliate, he can only find Chu Zhong or Tianhun in the game. But apart from this, Li Yuehong really couldn't figure out what else the Phantom Sky Dance could do to find herself. Forget it, Chu Zhong, let's go online and have a look. It should be important to make the Phantom Sky Dance so anxious. "I think so." Although Chu Zhong is usually fooling around, he is not ambiguous at all when he is doing business. Two people hurriedly on the line after a look at the phantom day dance online, Li Yuehong sent a private chat to each other, want to ask what happened to the phantom day dance, the result of the phantom day dancing directly refused to answer the private chat, did not pass two seconds of time, this fellow to Li Yuehong and Chu Zhong respectively sent a team invitation. What the hell is going on? Li Yuehong is a straightforward person, she does not know how to keep in suspense, into the team after a simple worship of old age, she asked what is the phantom dance so anxious to find themselves and Chu Zhong. Don't mention it, there are too many things happening these two days. Phantom Sky Dance sighed, since the last time he finished the program, he and Chu Zhong and Li Yuehong have gradually become familiar with each other, and naturally speak a lot closer. Wait for me for a moment. After saying hello, the Phantom Sky Dance asked the two people to wait for a while, and then there was no following. After ten seconds, there was another acquaintance in the team-Yi Bo Yuntian, the boss of the Love Alliance. Baidu search to read the latest and most complete novel Chapter 674 Joint Declaration "What's the matter today? It's just three days after the New Year. How can we get together again?" As soon as Chu Zhong saw another acquaintance coming, he made a few jokes. Hey. We also want to rest at home, but some bastards just don't want people to have a good New Year. The Phantom Sky Dance sighed and said, "Now that everyone is here, I'll just say it." The Phantom Sky Dance hesitated for a moment and then said to Chu Zhong and Li Yuehong, "It's really embarrassing to bring you here for the New Year, but these three things have something to do with you today." He paused and said, "The first day was mainly about the falling star. The last time we recorded that program, didn't you scold that guy? The person I planted there said that this guy would shout abuse at the falling star in their meeting after he went back, and threatened to find trouble for you." "Trouble me?" Chu Zhong was very disdainful and curled his lips and said, "It's not that I look down on him. His virtue is still a little tender to find trouble for me. Brother Lian Ji is all in the place where the world map brushes 130 strange levels. As far as his virtue is concerned, I'm afraid I can't go. Besides,Belt Filter Press, when I practice now, I let NPC guards play below, and I ride a flying mount to stay in the sky." He wants to get me in trouble? Is he going to move the magic cannon over and fire it into the sky? 。