The original doppelganger

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In order to save them, he was constantly consuming his internal strength. No matter how talented Liu Ling is,disc air diffuser, his reaction can't keep up with him. As long as she did this action well, she hugged one point tightly, and Shen Yan had one more chance to escape with her.

However, the sage-king, after all, was superior. After a few ups and downs, he approached less than twenty feet, and his innate power was forced to come again. Song Liangli suddenly felt that his forehead was deep and his movements were slow. When he tried his best to break free, the sage-king was already approaching ten feet, and he reached out to suck and catch him. Song Liangli was at his wits' end, and just as he was about to confront him with the mirror of Lingbao Yin and Yang, he suddenly saw several figures coming from the left and right. It was Hu Tiandi, Cao Wenyi, Chen Qianmeng, and those guarding the palace gate. Seeing that the current political situation had changed, he dared to show his face. The four of them joined hands, and their power could not be ignored. They suddenly blocked their way, and the Holy King of Bliss had no choice but to fight back. "You've got the right timing," he shouted. As soon as the golden palm shook, the strong palm forced out, but the four masters could not get any benefit, and the offensive was frequently blocked. The Holy King of Bliss even showed the "Nine Evil Mind Magic" to catch up with the ability to capture the mind, in order to quickly control the enemy, in order to clean up the two benefits of Song Dynasty. However, although Zhang Tianshi was seriously injured, he really held the determination to die, forced himself to suppress the injury, deceived Qin Xiaoyi, claiming that it was not a big problem, and went to this end again, but he felt the magic of the heart, and fought with the Taoist Awakening Curse. Fortunately, Hu Tiandi did not practice Taoism. As long as Zhang Tianshi helped him wake up,Dissolved Gas Flotation, he could relieve the danger. The other Cao Wenyi, Chen Qianmeng, and Fang Xumo could resist by themselves for a while. Therefore, the power of the holy king's magic was temporarily reduced, which made his eyebrows jump. He wanted to kill a lot. When these old demons were cleaned up, the Central Plains Wulin would lose more than 20% of its masters. Zhang Tianshi just called Song Liangli and said, "Why don't you return to your position quickly? Even the battle in Nancheng will be launched!" Song Liangli suddenly felt that the situation was a little more stable, and with a sound, he returned to the statue of Emperor Changsheng. Seeing this, the Holy King of Bliss laughed angrily. "Are you really not afraid of death?" No longer polite, sharp move to show, forced all the masters losing ground,fine bubble diffuser, all self-support. Miaofo Zen Master was originally interested in Qin Xiaoyi, so he didn't fight the enemy seriously. However, when he saw Song Liangli return, it was difficult for him to muddle through again. He climbed over and shouted, "Little monster, you and I should settle our accounts." The magic finger of lightning has been struck. Song Liangli said, "There is a shortage of electricity!" It turned out that he was using the method of "drawing thunder and taking electricity" to drive the 36 thunderstorms. The magic amulet in his hand was the best weapon for taking electricity. It suddenly turned into fire and shot out. The magic amulet was really magical. It rushed to the electric snake and turned into light to fight back. The stuffy electricity rushed back. The electricity made the five fingers of the wonderful Buddha Zen Master numb and his nails hurt. He was so frightened that he quickly withdrew his work. He was surprised and said, "Little monster, what are Song Liangli said, "The method of drawing thunder and taking electricity!"! Didn't you see thunder and lightning everywhere? What I use is exactly to take electricity amulet, you wait to shoot the electric snake in disorder, if lead to the sky to split the thunder, certainly blow you seven orifices to smoke! As he spoke, he fled to the position of the idol, and once again urged the amulet to lead the curse, ready to launch the Nancheng Thunder Array. Miaofo Zen Master saw that the sky was full of thunder. He felt that his fingers were sore and weak, so he quickly stopped. After all, in recent years, Song Liangli had repeatedly made strange moves, which made him suffer a lot. Even though he hated it to the bone, it was true that thunder and lightning guided him. Especially in this situation, Lamella Plate Settler ,lamella tube, it was better not to use it. However, I have always been used to using lightning magic fingers. At this time, I wanted to change to other kungfu, but I was not satisfied with it. When I was waiting for my mind to turn around, I began to think that there was another "supreme magic skill" available. Although this skill would be difficult to control later, it was also passable. Go again after, saying: "You can still be punished without the magic finger of lightning!" The magic skill was waiting to be displayed, but the spirit of the sword behind him had already arrived, so he had to turn around and save himself. It turned out that Zhang Chaoying, the real man of Bishui, had already arrived. His swordsmanship of Bishui had been perfected, and even the Holy King of Bliss appreciated it very much. How dare the Zen Master Miaofo be careless? He finally gave up Song Liangli and took care of this guy first. He turned his hand to Zhang Chaoying and said with a sneer? How about unifying Taoism with me? Zhang Chaoying attacked fiercely and refused to pay attention. Instead, he shouted to Song Liangli, "Hurry up and start the battle!" He had discussed the plan with Chang Tien-shih, so he knew about it and rushed to support him. Song Liangli chuckled and said, "Here we are!" Then he began to recite the divine incantation: "Chaos is vast, and one breath is divided at the beginning.". …… Danxia billows, the thunder Lord has the God, completely melts the south red emperor red day thunder, the flash fights nine directions, forces ten realms, shakes my south gang: three realms thunder, chops the pond thunder, the big prestige thunder, six waves thunder, green grass thunder, eight Trigrams thunder, mixes the yuan eagle dog thunder, earth society sings the thunder, fire cloud thunder, urgent like the law order! The magic amulet shot into the air, and the fire dragon broke the sky. A flash of lightning hit Nancheng District directly, splitting the Eight Diagrams Thunder. He saw the light of the Eight Diagrams scattered, and the Nangang Nine Thunder was officially launched. The six waves of thunder were about to open. They were like waves of waves shaking four times. They were very beautiful, and they broke trees when they met trees and hit stones when they met stones. It was very powerful, forcing the Jin army to retreat in fear. As for the green grass thunder, although it is called "green grass", it is not the thunder of vegetation, but the movement of this array, the vigorous light of Gang Qi jumped three feet high on the ground like miscanthus grass, and from a distance it looked straight like grass paving the ground, so it got its name. Its greatest power is like a sharp crossbow stabbing the soles of the feet, all of them see pain and blood, although not necessarily in time to die, but enough to paralyze thousands of horses, very fierce. The nine thunderstorms in the south had already moved, and they cooperated with the other three groups of thunderstorms to form a huge thunderstorm power grid, which surrounded the capital of Bian and temporarily blocked the Jin army. The number of people trapped in the inner circle was so small that they could not attack at all, and they were scared out of their wits by whether the thunderstorm was spreading or not. Of course, the morale of the Song army was greatly boosted, and a strong counterattack was able to withstand the Jin army's destruction of the city. Ye Wuqun was finally able to break through the city wall and plunder into the inner city because of the master's withdrawal to the Shenxiao Palace. He wanted to find Song Liangli to avenge the trick. After the formation of the 36th Thunder Array, Song Liangli was still waiting for it. After all, the Archaic Thunder Array had been lost for thousands of years. At this time, there was always a danger of playing tricks on the edge of a knife. Besides, there was another small array that had not burst open and had to be guarded against. Therefore, Song was still unable to get away to help Zhang Chaoying. Seeing that he had fallen into the downwind, he could only comfort him with words: "Wait a minute, it will be ready soon!" Zhang Chaoying is struggling. The two sides tangled, palm sword out, play the light and shadow staggered, inextricably linked, but the group of heroes have fallen behind. Night without group flying skill is very high, less than half an hour, chase and plunder. Suddenly seeing the situation, he said coldly, "Don't run away if you dare!" Zhang Chaoying was plundered, and the flute alone forced the seven strong currents to sweep. It was the "seven dragons swallowing the sky" technique. Only by cleaning up Zhang Chaoying and breaking through the defense line, he was able to clean up the little demon way wantonly. Therefore,rotary vacuum disc filters, as soon as he started, he did his best without mercy. How could Zhang Chaoying join hands with the two powers? Under the blow from the belly and back, he was so stuffy that he vomited blood. He fell several feet away and almost rolled under the roof. He could no longer protect him.