Bangla Natok | Onno Premer Golpo| Shawon | Tasnova Elvin | Sarika Sabah | EID Natok 2019

Enjoy New Bangla Natok 'Onno Premer Golpo (অন্য প্রেমের গল্প )', a new bangla natok 2019 directed by Muhtasim Taqi featurings Sayed Jaman Shawon, Tasnova Elvin, Sarika Sabah. Hope you will enjoy all Bangla New Natok at D Drama Dhamaka.

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Bangla Drama: Onno Premer Golpo (অন্য প্রেমের গল্প )
Featuring: Sayed Jaman Shawon, Tasnova Elvin, Sarika Sabah, and others
Directed by: Muhtasim Taqi
Story and Screenplay: Arafat Rahman
DOP: Zahid Hossain
Edit, Color, Music and Sound Design: Al Amin Biplob
Song : Ibrahim Amin Rimu (Valo Theko Megh)
Creative Director: Masudul Mahmud Ruhan
Chief AD: S M Rakibul Hasan
Produced by: Drishopot

A Special Thanks to : JI Johny

A Web Fiction by Muhtasim Taqi

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